On Set Filming Fading Gigolo



A very happy-looking Liev Schreiber and Vanessa Paradis were spotted on the Brooklyn set of their new comedy, Fading Gigolo, on Monday.

The co-stars, clad in traditional Jewish hair and attire, looked like they were in good spirits ready to tackle their onscreen characters.

As Ode, bearded Liev plays a baseball bat-weilding volunteer for the Williamsburg Shomrim – a licensed neighbourhood watch for Hasidic Jewish communities.

Though not allowed to make arrests, Shomrim volunteers are allowed to detain suspects of crimes like car theft, missing children, and graffiti.

Wearing a yarmulke and the ringlet sideburns characteristic of a Hasidic Jewish man, the 45-year-old was dressed in a customary tallit katan, white t-shirt, quilted patrol vest, black trousers, and loafers.

The role hits close to home for Schreiber, whose mother was born into a Brooklyn working-class household of Jewish Communist immigrants.

The Tony-winning thespian will be spending his Monday evening at the 11th annual 24 Hour Plays on Broadway alongside Billy Crudup, Brooke Shields, Sam Rockwell, and Michelle Trachtenberg.

The frenzied event, which happens at the American Airlines Theatre, has actors come together with playwrights to create and stage a 10-minute play within the span of one day.

Meanwhile his beautiful costar, who turns 40 next month, was wearing a knee-length navy blue coat with matching heels.

As the widow Avital, the Catholic-born Frenchwoman covered her normally wavy long locks with a brunette bob wig, also known as a sheitel in the Orthodox community.

It was a very dowdy get-up for the Chanel spokeswoman famed for her chic Parisian style.

John Turturro directs and stars in the film about a book store owner (Woody Allen) who convinces his friend (Turturro) that a fortune can be made by becoming a professional gigolo.

The comedy, due out next year, also stars Sofía Vergara and Sharon Stone and it’s the fifth film for the actor-turned-director.

Back in 2005, Turturro helmed the musical Romance & Cigarettes featuring an all-star cast, including James Gandolfini, Susan Sarandon, Kate Winslet, and Christopher Walken.


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