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As Liev is currently in London doing some filming, I found an interview with several actors who have performed at the Delacorte Theatre during its 50 years.

Below are Liev’s snippets –

IN the 50 years since Joe Papp successfully lobbied the city to build an amphitheater in the middle of Central Park, the Delacorte Theater has played host to all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays plus a smattering of Chekhov, Brecht, Ibsen, Aeschylus and, as of this August, Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine (“Into the Woods”). During that time, more than four million patient theatergoers have waited in line to see a potent mix of raw talent, seasoned stage veterans and Hollywood imports do battle against the Central Park fauna, the occasional helicopter and the more than occasional thunderstorm to perform the classics free.

Eric Grode spoke with several of those actors (many of whom got their professional start there), plus some of the Delacorte’s behind-the-scenes figures, about a half century of Shakespeare in the Park.

Dramatis Personae

LIEV SCHREIBER Five Delacorte shows, the first in 1991 (“Othello”).

‘An Acre of Show’

LIEV SCHREIBER It’s a really difficult space to work. I think people underestimate just how difficult it is to fill that space vocally. You’re using three quarters [with audiences potentially on three sides], and you really have to coordinate movement with vocal production.

Hot Days …… and Wet Nights

SCHREIBER I used to think we were competing with the sunset and the rain and the animals and the helicopters and the wind and the muggings. But after Shakespeare, Brecht was my second-biggest influence in school. And he taught that rather than compete with the sunset, one should find a way to incorporate it. That’s what I try to do, and the best directors know how to work around those things. Because the setting is really the star of the show there.

Nothing Like It

SCHREIBER I’m a New Yorker, so the most exciting place I could ever do Shakespeare is at the Delacorte.

To read the entire interview with the other actors, visit the forum here –

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