Liev Schreiber Says Paparazzi Made It Tough to Date Naomi Watts

Written by Jake on Apr-29-09 7:07pm

Actors Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts attend the after party for the 61st Annual Tony Awards at Rockefeller Center on June 10, 2007 in New York City. (Getty Images)more pics »Liev Schreiber says that he struggled with the attention from photogs when he first began dating Naomi Watts.

In an interview with the Courier Mail, the brooding actor who can be seen in this weekend in X-Men Origins: Wolverine says that there was a learning curve to dating an A-list movie star, especially when it came to learning to be around paparazzi.

From the Courier Mail:

“I was fine until Sasha came along and then I started to get aggro,” he says with a rueful laugh.

“As an actor, I think I’d never kind of reached the heights of fame that Naomi had and so when she came into my life it was a real test on our relationship because I didn’t like that she was bringing all that attention with her and I think I probably blamed her for it in the beginning.

“But after a while, I acclimated to it and then, of course, Sasha was born and I had to acclimate to it all over again.

“As long as people can make money doing it, they’re going to do it and you have to deal with it – some days are better than others.”
Which shouldn’t come as any surprise to the shutterbugs that cover Schrieber and Watts.

Back in August of 2007, he flipped out on paparrazi who tried to follow him a bit too close while Schrieber carried his newborn child and limped on a broken foot. Schrieber reportedly turned on the man and screamed, “You f—ing disgust me. It’s a f—ing child and I have one f—ing foot.”


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