Liev Schreiber Performs “Zawahiri’s Head”

Liev Schreiber Performs “Zawahiri’s Head”
Written by hondaswaps_info on Apr-6-10 12:34am

This excerpt is Liev Schreiber’s performance from Culture Project’s special discussion on torture in the “War on Terror”, “Blueprint for Accountability: Working the Dark Side,” with Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist, Ron Suskind, and other expert panelists including Rachel Maddow. In this segment, actor Liev Schreiber, known for his work in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and the “Scream” series, delivers a convincing live-stage performance of Suskind’s book “One Percent Doctrine”. Schreiber offers a sarcastic portrayal of former FBI agent Dan Coleman, from whose perspective the story titled “Zawahiri’s Head” is told. Schreiber’s acting combines well with Suskind’s perceptive writing to highlight the absurdity of the post-9/11 terrorist investigations.

(Maybe unsuitable viewing for younger audience)


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