Liev & Naomi Attend The TriBeCa Ball

Liev & Naomi

Liev & Naomi

Liev and Naomi attended the TriBeCa Ball on the evening of April 17th, both looking suave and sophisticated in their gladrags!

Liev Schreiber used to make collages, he told us last night at the New York Academy of Art Tribeca Ball. “Very silly collage craft things,” he explained. “I’d make a backgammon board out of collage funnies; I made my mom a diary; I made a painting out of it.” But he hadn’t worked on his art projects in years, he added, until recently.

“I made one for her for Valentine’s Day, actually,” Schreiber said, nodding toward his partner, Naomi Watts, who was nearby at the crowded pre-dinner cocktail party. The new collage consists of photos of the couple’s two children, he said, and then revealed his artistic process: “You make a collage first, and then you sort of do pastels over it, then you do a wash. You just make it as messy as you possibly can,” he said. “And put a really fancy frame on ’em and they think it’s good.”

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