Liev Loves Boxing!



Liev Schreiber finds boxing strangely cathartic and doesn’t mind being hit in the face repeatedly.

The 46-year-old took up the sport as a hobby a few years ago in preparation for a role he was intending to play. Despite playing tough guy Ray Donovan in the hit Showtime series of the same name, he was a little scared when he first got in the ring.

“There was a lot of fear at first,” he told the British edition of Esquire magazine. “But there’s something cathartic in overcoming that fear of being punched in the face repeatedly.”

Boxing probably isn’t the wisest choice of hobby for a successful actor. And Liev has had to deal with some knocks to his handsome features in recent months, no doubt to the chagrin of casting directors.

“I’ve broken my nose twice now in the past six months,” he revealed. “Once was in Montreal, in a boxing gym, and then literally a-month-and-a-half later, I walked into a glass door on a set.”

Liev has always understood the importance of looking after himself having grown up in New York City in the 1970s. The father-of-two admits he has seen a great deal of violence over the years, none more so than in a London bar.

“The worst bar fights I ever saw were in London,” he recalled. “I saw a guy break a pint glass in another guy’s face in a club in the Eighties. It was a gay club, too. Real I’m-going-to-kill-you violence, no Marquess of Queensbury rules!”

Liev is very protective over his children Sasha, six, and Kai, five. When his wife, fellow actress Naomi Watts gave birth to the boys, the actor realised his priorities had changed.

“When they came along, there was something terrifying and sad about it,” he laughed. “Like it was the end of my time! I started to enjoy acting less because I wanted to be with them.

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