Liev and Angelina switched roles

Angelina, Liev & Naomi

Liev Schreiber has revealed that he and Angelina Jolie swapped roles in their new spy thriller Salt.

The star said the pair thought changing parts would be for the best.

“I was initially going to play Salt,” Liev told reporters at the film’s Hollywood premiere.

He explained: “I spoke to Angelina about it and we both decided she’d be better for the role, so that’s how it went down.”

Both actors have young families and Liev said shooting in New York was a real family affair.

“It was the best, the kids would come with us to set and all the kids would play together, it was fantastic,” he said.

Although Angelina pulls off some pretty impressive action scenes in the movie, Liev revealed she had the best help on hand.

“In all fairness to the stunt people she doesn’t do all of the stunts herself but she does a lot of them. She’s very good at that stuff, she’s very good at the physicality,” he revealed.

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