Let The Radiance Shine!

Liev Schreiber

I managed to find a little video from the night, where Liev put in a performance for Alan Alda’s ‘Radiance’

It won’t let me embed it, but I will post the article and link here –

Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal took on the first lady of science, Marie Curie, this past week in the new bio-drama, “Radiance.”

Penned by six-time Emmy Award winning actor Alan Alda, the one night only staged reading marked the start of the third annual World Science Festival. A self-proclaimed science enthusiast, Alda has nothing but praise for the two time Nobel Prize winning torch bearer.

“Marie Curie is a great, great person of history and a great woman and a great person to emulate,” Alda said.

Under the reign of husband and wife team Brian Greene and Tracy Day, the five day festival is a gathering of academics, artists, scientists and the plain curious brought together to explore and debate the ongoing beauty of science.

“Alan Alda has been working on this play for a number of years and he was actually one of the first people we went to when we first started talking about doing a festival. Here’s somebody who’s devoted to science but really thinks about it in a different way as an artist or an actor,” Greene said.

For the one night only event, Gyllenhaal played opposite Allison Janney, Liev Schreiber, David Morse and more. Gyllenhaal says that getting to portray Marie Curie on stage was an education of sorts.

“I knew who she was, but I wasn’t familiar with the details of her love life and the real specifics of what she did. So I learned about that during the reading,” Gyllenhaal said.

A fully staged production of “Radiance” is set to open at the Geffen Theater later this year.

Alda says he plans to transfer that production to New York.

Who knows???? Maybe Liev will take on the project?????? Please?????????


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