‘Jack’ Filming Set To Start In Fall


Dreadcentral spoke to Director Brad Anderson on his future projects, and he spoke briefly about ‘Jack’, starring Liev Schreiber and Samuel L Jackson.

“The movie focuses on a serial killer who loses his memory after a devastating car accident. Since he can’t remember who he was, he restarts his life as a new man and begins to fall in love with his physical therapist. But as time progresses, he starts getting flashes of his past and has to try to come to terms with his deadly instincts within the context of this new life.”

“With Jack we’ve got to cast one more person, and then we’ve locked all the pieces of that puzzle. We’re hoping to start shooting sometime this fall, and even though it’s being described as a serial killer film, there’s so much more going on than just another slasher movie,” Anderson added.

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