Goon Premiere

MONTREAL — Jay Baruchel, the only current Hollywood movie star born, raised and still living in NDG, launched his long-awaited comedy Goons in Montreal Monday amid the ghosts of the old Montreal Forum.

The red carpet was rolled out for Tinseltown comedy co-stars, including Seann William Scott and Liev Shreiber who fielded questions about the issue of fighting in hockey.

Both, however turtled at the rough interrogation about the role of fighting in hockey.

The duo insisted that they didn’t know enough about hockey to comment on whether the subject of their movie – fighting in hockey – should be banned.

Baruchel argued that fighting should remain part of the national pastime.

Former NHL pugilist Georges Laraque played a small role in the film and agreed, even stating that NHL teams still need an enforcer to succeed.

Schreiber, who plays veteran tough guy Rhea Ross in the film, said he studied such old pros as Laraque, Bob Probert and Dave Schultz and decided that goons look best in mustaches, and thus grew a particularly ugly one for the film.

But in spite of ungainly facial hair, Shreiber offered the enforcers some genuine praise.

“I have found that these players had a real depth and it’s true for all hockey players. There is something unique about them, strength coupled with a great sense of respect,” he said in an interview a few hours before curtains drew on the comedy.

Shreiber, however, admitted that he couldn’t bear the idea of seeing his two sons, aged three and four, playing hockey. “The idea of them crossing the street scares me, so imagine seeing them on the ice.”

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