‘Goon’ Poster

Liev Schreiber

Liev Schreiber

JoBlo debuted two posters for the film today, one of which prominently features said moustache, with the other featuring Sean William Scott’s sneering mug (complete with cracked teeth, bruised cheek, etc). Both posters reinforce the idea that it’s a hockey comedy, a violent hockey comedy (because, you know, hockey is known for its violence – the wet splat of blood against ice, the tinny tinkle of teeth falling out of a grown man’s skull) but besides that are hopelessly dull and by-the-numbers.

In case that simply wasn’t enough “Goon”-y goodness for you, we have a pair of new images to share as well, courtesy of the official Toronto International Film Festival website. Oddly enough they feature the two lead actors in a hockey rink, and one of the pics holds a glory shot of Schreiber’s remarkable facial hair.

No word yet on a domestic release for “Goon,” but we should be hearing about the film’s quality (or lack thereof) in the days ahead. Hopefully the movie is better than the poster.

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