Dog Eat Dog?

A friend of mine had to take her dog to the vet yesterday, as his spleen had ruptured and had to be removed. I’m not sure how vets work in America, or elsewhere in the world, but here, unless you pay, they won’t do anything. She had to use her rent money just to get them to do the Op, and then had to borrow more off me just so they would let him go home with her tomorrow. I was happy to give the money of course, but it just left a bad taste in my mouth that a veterinary surgeon would demand money or let the dog die, is reprehensible!

I had a dog for 11 years, and if anything had happened to him that required him to need surgery, I would have done everything possible to make sure he had it if it meant saving his life. I would do the same for my 16 year old cat now, though the chances of her surviving such an Op would be slim.

Liev & Chicken

It all made me wonder just what lengths others would go to in order to keep their beloved pets with them. A man I work with said that when he lived in Jamaica, a dog would be shot if it got ill. He said a dog was a pet, and nothing more, which just made me angry. I didn’t judge him completely, but it’s hard to imagine being so cold to an animal that could quite easily have a good life if given the chance.

Liev & Rudy

Looking at all the pictures of Liev with his dogs over the years, it’s easy to imagine that he is someone who would have done the same as my friend. Pets are much more than animals we keep for company and safety, they become members of the family, and close friends. I’ve had pets of many kinds, from fish to gerbils, terrapins to cats, and a pedigree Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

I remember when the last of the gerbils I had got ill. We’d had a girl named Angel, who I actually don’t remember dying, and then two boys, Dopey and Dock. Dock was the bigger of the two, and had died first. Dopey was the smaller more placid one, and ended up with a huge growth on his ear. It was too big to do anything about, and my uncle suggested feeding him to his snake, which horrified me! Even now, it would horrify me. I know snakes hunt and eat rodents in the wild, but Dopey wasn’t a wild gerbil. As it turned out, the snake wouldn’t eat him because of the massive infection. I’m not sure what happened to him after that. I can remember the last time I saw him; the growth had cause its head to tilt to the side, almost as though the growth was too heavy for him to lift. In a strange way, I think it was probably my first introduction to death, and the thought that I would never see him again was really upsetting.

We get so close to our pets, and are so devastated when something happens to them. Yet, we always want another… I certainly would, when my cat goes… Possibly another Staffie…

Losing him was another tragedy. He was stolen from the front garden, and we never saw him again. Unfortunately, pedigrees are highly prized by people wanting to breed from them, and because he’d never been castrated, we’d been asked many times over the years if we would breed him with females. We always said no, regardless of the money offered.

He was getting on in years, especially for a Staffie, and the thought that he would have lived his last months with strangers, or on the street, is too hard to imagine. Even now, 12 years later, it still upsets me to wonder what happened to him…

I haven’t been able to find any posed pictures of Liev with his current fluffy friends, but as soon as some appear, I’ll post them!

Seph7 – Liz



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