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We began our website journey on the 3rd of March 2010, with just a small forum on InvisionFree. In just a month, we gained over 20 members and lots of fan contributions to the forum, in the form of fanart, fanfiction and screencaps.

Unfortunately, free forums are a hacker’s haven, so, on the 6th of April 2010, we moved here. As you can see, the site has its own domain name, bio, filmography, news and media sections, as well as a shiny new forum!

Liev’s original and official site, www.lievschreiber.org was started sometime in 1997, and ran for over 12 years until late in 2009. The site was owned and run by the lovely Angie Strother, with the help of Melissa Byers and a few others. As sometimes happens in life, they were unable to continue to run the site, and it sadly had to close. Unfortunately, the site was archived, though we were able to save the articles that are no longer available on the web.

The old site also had a dedicated forum, and had amassed over 4000 fans, of which I was one for many years!

It was after the closure that I decided to set up this site and forum, so Liev’s fans could have somewhere to come for information on Liev’s career, and chat with like-minded members on the forum!

We are also a paparazzi-free site. We respect Liev’s right to privacy when ‘off the clock’, and we encourage fans to do the same.

If there is something you feel is missing from the site, or would like to make any suggestions, please contact us – lievschreiberforum@yahoo.com

Please enjoy the site!

Seph7 – Site owner

Updated 8th February 2011

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