15 Years Of Liev

‘Joy and woe are woven fine,
A clothing for the soul divine;

Under every grief and pine

Runs a joy with silken twine.

from Auguries of Innocence by William Blake.

Liev as Cotton Weary

Liev as Cotton Weary

Despite sparking my curious and teenage interest in Ransom, Scream 2 will always be the film that bowled me over. His quirky manner and expressive features were too much for my hormonal brain to ignore! Even my friend Susan thought he was ‘dishy’! He was so tall, athletic, with broad shoulders, long legs and soft hair… I actually saw the film twice, just to see him again!

But, his devastatingly good looks aside, he was also incredibly hypnotic. He spoke with such conviction, even when you didn’t know if he was the killer or not! He utilised his ability to be ambiguous to its full potential! And, the wheezy laugh… it really does send a shiver down the spine!

‘That… was intense!’ - Then the raise of the eyebrow… those wonderfully expressive eyebrows…

Liev as Ted Fielding

Liev as Ted Fielding

I caught Sphere purely by chance one night, and immediately went out the following weekend to buy the video (the days before DVD’s!). The geeky scientist, eager to impress his peers with his accomplishments, and his competition with Samuel L Jackson’s character, was truly lovable. His eagerness and enthusiasm for what they had found, reminded me of an inquisitive child exploring new surroundings.

“Follow the yellow-brick road!”

Suffice it to say, when his character died, I felt cheated. Of course, the A-Lister’s were never going to be killed off, when Liev was still relatively new to acting, so I suppose he was the ‘logical’ choice.

My arse!

Liev as Marty

Liev as Marty

After Sphere, I went on a mad hunt for Liev films, and purchased, mainly through eBay, a great number of videos. The first of which was, A Walk on the Moon.

Such a wonderfully heartfelt film! Liev’s character was so loving and kind, and truly adored his children, despite the cirsumstances in which they were conceived. A man who gave up his dreams to be the provider for his young family, throwing himself into work and family time with such passion and vigour. When his wife’s infidelity is revealed, your heart truly breaks for him. His pain is so palpable, it’s hard not to want to throw yourself through the screen, punch Pearl, and wrap your arms around him!

A lot of people will have seen this film and spent their time ogling Viggo Mortensen, but for me, Liev held my eyes all the way. *sigh*

More thoughts to follow!!

Seph7 – Liz


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