15 Years Of Liev… VI!

I know it’s been over a week since I last posted, but my Gran died on the 1st, after five days in hospital. I won’t go into details, but it was very quick when she went and very peaceful.

Things are still quite surreal at the moment; it doesn’t yet feel as though she is really gone, despite the fact that I was actually there for her passing.

Anyway, I will be reviewing Repo Men, Defiance, and Salt. Since Every Day comes out tomorrow, I will do an entire review for it later in the week.

Liev as Frank

Now, Repo Men was a gory thrill-ride! Frank (Liev’s character) was truly deplorable, and was the epitome of everything we all hate about Salesmen!!!! Vain, over-confident, smarmily self-righteous, and only interested on how much money he can make from some poor person’s death!

Liev played him slick and smooth, scarcely missing a cold-hearted beat as he plastered on his best ‘I’m here for you’ smile and assuring his client that ‘you owe it to yourself’.

I would like to say that he got his comeupance, but, he kinda doesn’t! If you want to know what I mean, watch the film!

Liev as Zus

Defiance is a film I had known very little about, until a fellow fan persuaded me to watch it.

I was utterly glad I had!

As odd as it might sound to have favourite Holocaust movies, this is one of them! It sits amongst Schindler’s List, The Pianist (the book is VERY good, and very sad), Escape from Sobibor, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, and Jakob the Liar.

Zus was a brilliant character/person! There are so many scenes in which he shines! My Grandmother was Jewish, though wasn’t brought up as such, and despite this heritage being rather washed out through decades of non-Jewish births, it is still something I identify with and am proud to have as part of my blood. I don’t know anywhere near enough about this past as I should, and I feel very disappointed that now my Grandmother is dead, and her mother, after whom I was named, and who was raised as Jewish but died four months before I was born, I never bothered to ask questions about this past.

I think two of the more memorable scenes, at least for me, were when Zus, Tuvia and Isaac Malbin (Mark Feuerstein) are building something, and Isaac lets go of one of the logs he’s supposed to be nailing down. It almost bops Zus in the head, and he is understandably outraged! He asks what Isaac does, or did, for a living.

‘I suppose you could say I am an Intellectual’ – Isaac

‘… This is a job?’ – Zus

The others laugh! If I can find a clip of it, I’ll post it!

The other scene is when Zus has joined the Russian Partisans, and is sat drinking with the Commander. They talk of their brothers, and Zus soon becomes reflective, commenting on what Jews are good at.

His response that Jews are only good at (or it might be for…) dying, is quite sobering. It also counters the feel of the film, which is so different to others I’ve seen. It was good to see them fighting back, instead of just surviving, and it makes me wonder of there are more stories out there in which other groups of Jews fought back.

I’m sure there are.

Liev as Ted

Salt was brilliant!! I saw it on its opening night!

Liev was just so… amazing! And, the plot twist was so surprising! I won’t spoil it!

‘Sir… Do I look like a sir to you?’ – Ted

‘From head to toe.’ – Evelyn

Although I felt Angie was far too skinny to be healthy, she played her role ambiguously well!

As for the first on-foot chase scene, I can only say one thing – Run, Liev, run!!!!!

That was some serious leg work!!

I really want to go into depth on Liev’s portrayal of Ted Winter, but I don’t want to spoil anything since the film is still pretty new, and was only released on DVD a few months ago!

Let me close with this – he is truly wonderful, and his performance really keeps you on your toes!!

Now, go buy it!!!!!!

Seph7 – Liz


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