15 Years Of Liev… No. 5!

I thought I’d distract myself with some more reviews. My Gran is still in hospital, and she now has pneumonia, which is affecting her breathing. It’s not looking very good…


Liev as Robert Thorn

I didn’t know what to think of The Omen remake, when I first heard that it was being done.

I eventually bought the full Omen boxset, with all four of the originals, and the remake. I’d already seen the first film, so knew the plot.

I actually liked the remake better than the original. I think Liev seemed to play a better part of the father character, and his interaction with David Thewlis’ character was very good!

He was wonderfully emotive, especially in the more… harrowing scenes! I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but it is well worth watching it to see Liev’s emotional scope!

Liev as Victor Creed

Victor Creed…

A fangirl’s erotic dream!

A role so completely different to his other films, many people thought it wouldn’t work.

But it did. Oh, it really did!

The viciousness and ferocity he was able to channel was incredible! Not to mention all the little idioms and leering smirks are enough to leave pleasant little flutters in every girl’s belly!

Of course, the depth of his characterisation stood out a mile. The animal and the man. Two contradictions at war with one another. At time, Vic seems to struggle with his nature, especially when it comes to James (Hugh). He clearly has a lot of love for his brother, though I doubt it would be something Vic would readily admit!

Two of his last scenes in the film truly portray what he feels for James. First, when he and James are fighting, and later, when they work together.

“We’re brothers, Jimmy. Brothers look out for each other.”

He gave Sabretooth much needed depth in the film franchise, and I cannot imagine anyone ever playing the character better than Liev! The fanfic alone spawned by his Vic, is testament to his ability!

Liev as Vilma

Taking Woodstock surprised me! And, not because Liev was once again in DRAG!!

Vilma was a brilliant character, and Liev played him/her so well!! Watching him run around chasing men attempting to bribe Elliot’s parents, was great!! And my! What a pair of legs!!! And… *ahem* package…

“Oh, I’ve got uniforms, baby!” *sly smirk*

The film itself was really good! I fully intend to buy the book it was based upon, which in turn was based upon truth.

Naomi may have been a little disturbed, but I thought he looked gorgeous!!!

Seph7 – Liz


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