15 Years Of Liev… Every Day!!

Well, I had to wait until I received my imported DVD to do this review, although I had seen it through a friend.

Rewatching it was amazing. It was nice to see him do an… well… Every Day film!!!

Liev Schreiber as Ned

I think we all know what it is like to be tired of our jobs. Poor Ned is tired of his boss’ need for the TV show they run, to be more exciting and daring than ever before.

“Shock ‘em to death!” – Ned

Coupled with his teenage year old son recently coming out, and his bored wife’s (Helen Hunt) ailing father (Brian Dennehy) coming to live with them, Ned longs for something different to happen.

Liev as Ned and Carla as Robin

Of course, being thrown into writing a new script for the show with his extremely sexy colleague, Robin (Carla Gugino) doesn’t help matters, especially when her single, swimming pool, wine-drinking, recreational drug-induced life seems so… free by comparison. Ned is soon tempted by the forbidden fruit, and takes a big bite of the succulently juicy apple, only to find it exceedingly bitter, as the realities of his own home life coming crashing down around him.

“I thought fun is what you were missing,” – Robin

“Me too…” – Ned

He realises, just in time, what exactly he could have lost as his son tries to explore his sexuality by going to a gay club, and his father-in-law is taken ill. He realises that he had long taken on the responsibility of a family life, and should be grateful to have them there to support him when he needs them, as much as they need him.

Liev as Ned and Helen as Jeannie

In the end, his family is more important to him, than some quick fling with a moral-free woman and her ‘psychopathic ex-boyfriend’.

Seph7 – Liz



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