15 Years Of Liev… Continued

In keeping with my 15 year long Liev-education, it was after trawling Liev’s back-catalog on IMDb in 2000, that I came across Mixed Nuts, and bought the film in American VHS format on eBay.

Liev as Chris

Of course, I was on tenter-hooks, waiting for Liev to appear, and it was only when he did, in DRAG, that I realised just what his first film role entailed!!!!

Liev did a stunning performance as an uber-tall transvestite, with Dad-issues, and his attempted seduction of Steve Martin while they dance is truly heart-warming and giggle-making all at the same time!

At one point, he’s left alone in the appt, and answers the phone to someone wanting to speak to a woman. When he informs the caller that they are, in fact, speaking to woman, the caller hangs up, and the angry-hurt look Liev/Chris gives, is priceless!

It then, when Steve goes to answer the phone, and Liev continues to frolic through the appt, we see just how playful he can really be, even when in character.

Later, after the major incident of the film, Liev has a bullet to the foot, and tissue up his nose to stem the blood! He looks even more helplessly adorable!

This film is certainly a great way for him to have launched himself into the public eye!

Liev as Cotton

Around this time, Scream 3 was released, and I went to see it with my friend, Susan. I’m sure many know what happens in the film, and suffice it to say, I was bitterly disappointed that I had to sit through the rest of the film with no Liev in it!

My first thought upon seeing him, was just how buff he looked! He’d certainly filled out since Scream 2, where he seemed very tall and lean!

Since his role in this one was smaller than in Scream 2, it’s difficult to gain much of a perspective on his characterisation, although, the phone call he takes in his car say a lot about Cotton, and how far he’ll use is notoriety to impress women!

‘So, are you a 100% Cotton fan?’ – Cotton

‘Yeah, a big fan!’ – Caller

Liev as Sam

After Scream 3′s disappointing end for Liev, I went on another spree to buy Liev films, and got The Hurricane and Jakob the Liar.

Liev’s role in The Hurricane, as one of the three people who finally managed to successfully appeal Rubin Carter’s conviction, was a good role for him, though the character was a much softer and placid one than some of his previous roles, and if it wasn’t for Liev’s all-consuming persona, the role played by anyone else, wouldn’t have stood out at all.

The film itself is very good, and Denzel’s role as Carter is wonderful!

Liev as Mischa

Now, Jakob the Liar was a good film! The banter between Liev and Robin Williams was great!

His character is so boistrous and boastful, and full of confidence of his own abilities, and Liev portrays it all perfectly!

The film has quite a sad ending, with it being a Holocaust film, but it’s not the worst I’ve seen, and the film is pretty light-hearted for the most part.

Liev as Stuart

In 2001, Kate & Leopold was released, and when it finally came out on DVD, I rented it from Blockbusters.

Liev’s character as Stuart, is very quirky and geeky, not that unlike his role in Sphere, though Stuart comes across as even less in touch with reality, despite his brilliance!

His most notable scenes are while he is in hospital.

The first is when he is caught trying to make a phone call to Leopold. He argues with the nurse. While launching into a tirade with how the Universe is ‘broken’, she hyjacks his IV with a sedative! It’s funny watching him look around confused for a while before he collapses into a deep sleep!

The second is while he is in the mental ward, and a young nurse, Gretchen, is watching over him. He tells her all about what he found, and likens it to a dog seeing a rainbow, which would be a miracle as dogs are colour blind.

‘I’m just a dog who saw a rainbow. Only, the other dogs don’t believe me…’ – Stuart to Gretchen.

It’s a lovely romantic comedy, and Liev and Hugh have some wonderful moments.

Seph7 – Liz


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