15 Years Of Liev… Continued 2.0!

Liev as Orson Welles

In 2002 I turned 20. I started Uni (two years late!), and with new friends, new classes, and new part-time job, I decided to redecorate my room in lilac paint (during my pastel purple phase!). It was on this day that I caught RKO 281, purely by accident (I love it when that happens!), and had leapt over two pieces of furniture so I could shove a blank tape into the video recorder, when I heard Liev’s name mentioned by the programme announcer on BBC2!

I loved every minute of the film! The bouffant hair, the cocky arrogance, the nervous charisma…

The scene where he spots Rosebud!

For those who have yet to see this film, I will not give away who or what Rosebud is, but Liev’s wheezy laugh and insistence to John Malkovich that he will find a way to include Rosebud in his film, is wonderful to watch.

So far, Liev’s main roles had been either horror, sci-fi or romantic comedy, so this film was such a breath of fresh air for me! It truly showed just how talented he is!

Liev as Laertes

After the awe-inspiring RKO 281, I wanted to continue to see what other type of work Liev had done, and as it has always been my ambition to see him do Shakespeare, and since I have yet to see him on stage, buying the Hamlet DVD was the next best thing!

I can remember buying it… I’d had a late lecture and decided to pop into town to see what I could blow some pennies on! I came home with the DVD and immediately commandeered the living room’s DVD player, since I didn’t have one of my own, and watched it from start to finish, with no breaks or interuptions.

Listening to his voice and how different it was compared to his usual voice in most films, was heart-stopping! It was so entrancing hearing such exquisitely syllabic sentences spill from his perfectly pursed lips!

I love the above moment between him and Ophelia (Julia Stiles). The atmosphere is so tangible! I also love the song they used. Big Calm by Morcheeba.

When I visit NY in September, I can only hope and pray to all manner of Deities in the Universe, that Liev is doing some stagework… ANYTHING!!! Pretty please????

Liev as Carl

Not long after, I went on another trawl of eBay, and bought The Daytrippers and Walking & Talking on video.

Poor Carl… He so longed to be recognised for his talent, despite the very peculiar story about a man with the head of a dog!

He is so happy to go along with his girlfriend’s family on a chase around NY to find his sister-in-law’s husband. He revels in his girlfriend’s Mother’s interest in his story, keen to have his work heard by someone who will give him the time of day.

The wild and wacky hair seemed to suit Liev’s (or Carl’s) kooky and quirky personality at the time, and I adored that side of him! He seemed like he would be great fun just to be in his presence! He still does!

Liev as Andrew

Walking & Talking was another film that I didn’t take to right away. I’ve since bought the DVD and I love it!

Though, the one thing that annoyed me then, and still annoys me now, is the seemingly normal way people seem to all have Therapists! Why??? Life is sh*t! Do you really need a Therapist to hold your hand and tell you that?? Granted, some people genuinely have a need to see someone with whom they can air all the really awful things that go on in their lives, but for a lot of people, it’s just general every day stuff. Call me a cynical Brit, but every day niggles do not warrant needing a Shrink!!!


Liev’s Andrew was a bit of a… sleaze! Not overly so, but his penchant for porno and long distance bedroom antics made him seem a bit… pathetic! Which, I’m sure, was the intention! He also has some deep-seated issues with his father, who has Alzheimers, as he doesn’t know how to deal with it.

He does come through in the end though, when he makes a train trip to come to Katherine Keener’s aid, when she gets an obscene phone call.

Another reason to watch the film, is the leather pants!!!!! Nuff said!!!!

Liev as Raymond

In 2004, I moved out of my Mum’s house and in with the fella. By this time, I was working full time and had decided to save myself from years of University debt, in favour of studying through the Open University, as it meant I could save up for each portion of the course in my own time.

In a bid to save money, I bought The Manchurian Candidate as part of a Morgan Freeman boxset, which also included Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider.

When I fiirst watched it, I didn’t like it much. I think perhaps in part, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to pay attention to it properly, and most of it probably went over my head!

Only a few months ago, Film4 showed it repeatedly for a week or so, and I finally sat down to watch it.

I liked it much better this time! Liev’s performance, and his chemistry with Meryl Streep was amazing!

I don’t want to give any of the plot away, even though it isn’t a recent film, but Liev’s role as Raymond Shaw again let him flex his talent muscles. The public and private persona of Raymond is executed perfectly, and his dilemma at being torn between doing what is right, and what other’s want is truly palpable.

In that week, I actually watched the film four times! Denzel was great in his role, but, in my opinion, I think Liev actually managed to out-shine him!

Seph7 – Liz

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